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We look forward to hearing from you at with questions about DrupalCampNYC 2021 and your opportunities to sponsor our program. Considering sponsoring, but not ready to commit or want a reminder? Please email us so we can keep you in the loop.

Why sponsor?

DrupalCampNYC 2021 brings together hundreds of people from the tri-state area and from across the globe who use, develop, design, and support the Drupal project. New York City has one of the largest Drupal communities in the world. In 2021 we anticipate at least 300 attendees at this primarily online event (with in-person social and networking opportunities), including job-seekers, freelancers, and business decision-makers from some of the largest brands who leverage Drupal. Through our marketing efforts, your brand can reach thousands more Drupalers from the NYC-area and beyond.

The conference is run by the 501(c)(3) non-profit DrupalNYC Incorporated and its all-volunteer organizing team. Without our sponsors, we would not be able to offer DrupalCampNYC 2021 for free to attendees and thus we would not be able to attract such a diverse range of attendees and do our part to help shape Drupal talent for years to come.

Your sponsorship also funds our contribution day, during which many Drupal community members contribute directly to the Drupal project through code, documentation, testing, project management, design, and more. These open-source and community contributions benefit the greater Drupal community, including our sponsors.

Thank you in advance for your support.

- Your DrupalCampNYC 2021 Organizers

2020 attendee statistics

Last year's three-day DrupalCampNYC 2020 was the first conference organized by the DrupalNYC community since 2017 and the first ever DrupalNYC-organized online conference.

  • 221 individuals registered, attended, organized, or participated
  • Participants represented at least 10 countries
  • 195 training spots were offered across 8 trainings
  • 84 individuals registered for 114 of those training slots
  • Net attendee donations amounted to $2,500
  • 10 sponsors made the conference possible and affordable
  • Individuals made 1,019 comments in Hopin, our 2020 virtual conference platform

We're expecting an increase in these numbers in 2021!

2021 sponsorship opportunities

Feature Industrialist
New Amsterdam
Big Apple
# available unlimited 8 6 4
Contribution $250 $1,000 $2,000 $3,000
Job listing
on website
Sponsor detail page on website
with link to company website
Visual priority on website
and other marketing materials*
5th 3rd 2nd 1st
Logo on website
and other marketing materials
  Small Medium Large
Social media messages
during event
Social media messages
before and after event
Virtual sponsor booth coffee break
on Friday
Physical sponsor booth**
at the venue
Dedicated Slack channel
throughout conference
Named thank you
during opening and closing sessions
Reserved tickets**
for limited capacity in-person event
    2 3
Custom promotional slide
during opening and closing sessions
in attendee emails
on every page of website

* Relative to other generally available sponsorship levels.

** Contingent on government and venue restrictions due to COVID

Additional local sponsorship opportunities

We are proud of the DrupalNYC community!

In addition to those available to all companies, we invite local companies (see definition below) to choose from two additional discounted sponsorship opportunities:

Feature Tri-State Homegrown
# available unlimited unlimited
Contribution $200 $900
Same benefits as
(see above opportunities)
Industrialist Gold
Visual priority on website
and other marketing materials
6th 4th
Highlighted as local
in marketing materials

Fine print

By paying for sponsorship, you agree to the below terms.

A sponsor’s benefits are not conferred until payment is received in full. We aim to “under promise and over deliver”, but benefits are provided on a best effort basis and are subject to change.

For any prioritized assignment of benefits, priority will be based on sponsorship tier then by order in which sponsorship commitments were received. First come, first served.

The sooner we receive your payment, the sooner your benefits take effect.

Sponsors agree that they, their employees, and any other representatives will adhere to our code of conduct and any rules, regulations, and requirements of our virtual platform.

Sponsors understand that while we intend to offer an in-person component to this event, this might not happen due to government or venue restrictions or health concerns and there will be no refund in such circumstances.

Virtual sponsor booths

Sponsors whose package includes a virtual sponsor booth will be offered the option of hosting a coffee break session on Zoom. This will be heavily promoted, including at the end of the preceding sessions to encourage attendance. While you are welcome to offer this as an unstructured Zoom meeting hosted by your representatives, attendees typically need a hook to get them “in the door” (whether in person or online). This session is your opportunity to offer something of value to attendees while introducing them to your company.

Physical booths (cancelled due to lack of certainty of venue availability due to Covid)

Sponsors whose package includes a physical sponsor booth will have use of a venue-provided table. Per venue requirements, that table is estimated to be 5' x 1.5' so please don't expect a large booth area (this is New York City after all). No table linen is provided, but sponsors may provide their own. Anyone staffing a booth must be registered as an attendee (whether through the reserved tickets specified for the applicable sponsorship package or via a general admission ticket). Apart from that, there’s no limit on the number of sponsor representatives who can take turns staffing a sponsor’s booth.

Sponsor booths will be available for sponsor use on at least one day (the “main” day featuring sessions). Once we confirm our program, we’ll know whether it makes sense to have them available for one, two, or three days. Sponsors are not required to staff a booth on any day.

The venue strictly prohibits transacting sales on site (i.e. no payments can be made).

Job listings

Each company is entitled to one post in the job listings section of our website for each sponsorship opportunity purchased. Each job listing post is limited in length and formatting, but may contain information on multiple jobs and/or link to the sponsor’s own website’s job listings.

Local companies

Local companies are defined as those whose headquarters are in the “New York–Newark, NY–NJ–CT–PA Combined Statistical Area” (map), which consists of the following counties:
NY: Bronx, Dutchess, Kings, Nassau, New York, Orange, Putnam, Queens, Richmond, Rockland, Suffolk, Ulster, Westchester
NJ: Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Ocean, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex, Union
CT: Fairfield, Litchfield, New Haven
PA: Monroe, Pike

Not headquartered in one of these counties, but think your company should qualify? Please contact us at


We want to present your company in the best possible light so we ask that you provide your company logo in a vector format such as svg, ai, or eps (rather than jpg, png, or gif) if at all possible.

Indemnity and limitation of liability

Neither DrupalNYC Incorporated, any co-sponsor, venue provider, nor any of their respective officers, agents, employees, facilities, representatives, assigns, nor any volunteer otherwise affiliated with DrupalCampNYC 2021 shall be liable for and sponsor hereby releases them from any claims for damage, loss, harm, or injury to the person, property, or business of the sponsor and/or any of its visitors, officers, agents, employees, or other representatives, resulting from theft, fire, earthquake, water, unavailability of the facility, accident or any other reason in connection with DrupalCampNYC 2021. The sponsor shall indemnify, defend, and protect DrupalNYC Incorporated, its officers, directors, employees, agents, co-sponsors, other representatives, and venue providers harmless from and against any and all claims, demands, suits, liability, damages, losses, costs, attorney’s fees, and expenses that result or arise from sponsor’s participation in DrupalCampNYC 2021 or any actions of its officers, agents, employees, or other representatives. Under no circumstance will DrupalNYC Incorporated, any co-sponsor, or the venue provider be liable for lost profits or other incidental or consequential damages for any of their acts or omissions whatsoever, whether or not appraised of the possibility or likelihood of such damages or lost profits. In no event shall DrupalNYC Incorporated liability, under any circumstance, exceed the amount actually paid to it by the sponsor. DrupalNYC Incorporated makes no representations or warranties regarding DrupalCampNYC 2021 or its attendance.