Getting started with Drupal

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Mauricio is a web developer at Agaric. He is passionate about Drupal, ReactJS, teaching and traveling. He blogs at in English, Spanish, and French. He is also very active in his local community Nicaragua where he serves as the lead organizer. As such, he co-organizes regular meetups, Global Training Days, Global Sprint Weekends, and other events.

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This training is for people who want to get a solid foundation in Drupal site building. No Drupal experience is required!

With hands-on, guided exercises from start to finish, attendees will have the opportunity to get comfortable with Drupal's administration interface, and build a simple, fully functional website.

You will learn how different concepts relate to each other: nodes, content types, fields, views, users, blocks, taxonomy terms, and menus. By the end of the training, you will be able to identify the different building blocks of a Drupal site and know where to look when modifications are needed.

Learning objectives

  • Step through the Drupal installation process
  • Create nodes and understand their properties
  • Create content types and add fields
  • Configure fields of different types
  • Create taxonomy vocabularies and terms
  • Create views to display listings of content
  • Create, place, and control the visibility of blocks

Setup instructions

A working Drupal 9 installation is needed to follow the exercises. Online services like Pantheon can be used. You can have a local installation using the Drupal quick-start command. Alternatively, you can use a tool like DDEV, Lando, Docksal, or DrupalVM.